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Sleep better with the patent-pending heavyweight Ringtäcket® from Sleepify

With Sleepify's patent-pending, tactile weight cover - Ring Cover® you can not only halve your sleep time, you also get the opportunity for both a deeper and safer sleep. The tactile and punctual stimulation against your skin that arises with solid objects inside a quilt is what constitutes an effective weight cover - It is thus not the weight itself that is important. Each ring in its turn has a through hole in itself, which means that both moisture and heat can easily travel through the blanket and therefore reduces the risk of you waking up sweaty or overheating during the night.   Researchers agree that the ultimate sleeping environment is dry, cool and has a consistently stable temperature during the night. Therefore, Sleepify has chosen to use tactile stimulating weight points in the form of rings in surgical steel. The feature of surgical steel makes it possible to drastically reduce the amount of material in the blanket and since steel has a high weight, you do not need as much filling to make the blanket heavy. The less material we use in the quilt, the less negative properties the quilt gets in the form of impaired circulation of heat or moisture. The method is patent pending and unique to Sleepify's weight covers.
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Sleepifys Ringtäcken® has a unique enclosing ability that makes the blanket shape the furthest with the body in 360 degrees. The patent-pending solution, rings made of surgical steel placed in specially sewn pockets, effectively achieves a sense of security and calm. The products are CE-marked and classified as medical devices. Class 1. Our weight covers are used in a number of different diagnoses and are prescribed by healthcare institutions in large parts of Sweden. The respective sides of the cover have different properties: one side is padded and gives an even pressure, the other side provides a punctual pressure which increases the stimulation all over the body. Since the rings are hollow, the circulation in the blanket is increased and thereby transports unfavorable heat and moisture from the blanket in an efficient manner.

No jumping in my legs when I use the ring cover and I fall asleep much faster! I'm not as tired in the morning as I can with the school in the days.
Felix, 11 years old
I have ADHD and have always had difficulty getting down to the laps and falling asleep in the evenings. Now that I use the ring cover I look forward to going to bed! I fall asleep quickly and sleep all night!
Alex, 32 years old