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Better sleep with a tactile stimulating weighted blanket

Sleep is one of man's most basic needs. If sleep does not work, many other areas of life are affected. A stable and good night's sleep is thus an effective way of achieving good quality of life and health. With Sleepypy's patent-pending, tactile weight cover - Ringblanket® can not only halve your sleep time and reduce the number of awakening, you also get the opportunity for both a deeper and safer sleep.

The tactile and punctual stimulus against the body that arises with solid objects inside the blanket is what constitutes an effective weight cover - so it is not just the weight itself that is important. Each ring has a through hole, which means that both moisture and heat can easily travel through the blanket and therefore reduces the risk of you waking up sweaty or overheating during the night. The result is more energy in the day and a greater ability to cope with all the challenges of everyday life. But not only that - it also acts as an alternative to drugs, which can both be expensive and lead to extensive side effects.
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Experience increased sleep quality


Have more energy during the day


Will not go back to a regular sleeping blanket again

What weight suits my need?

The weight of the blanket that suits you best depends on the type of sleep problem you have and not on your age, height or body weight. Below you can read about the different weight classes and which one suits you best.
4 - 6 kg
Increase your body awareness and feel more safe with a lighter touch to the body and skin. They are heavier than a regular blanket and are suitable for those who want a weight combined with tactile stimulation from the rings.
8 - 10 kg
If it takes some time for you before you fall asleep but are not experiencing any awakenings during the night. This is the most widely used weight class of our stimulating weighted blankets and helps you fall asleep more quickly and reduces the risk of waking up during the night. The rings of surgical grade steel increases the tactile stimulation of the central nervous system, which contributes to the good effect.
12 - 14 kg
If you have insomnia and difficulty with the time it takes before falling asleep the and length of sleep, a slightly heavier quilt is to be preferred. This quilt has a higher stimuli than those with lower weights.
16 - 18 kg
Our heaviest weight classes are suitable for those who suffer from severe sleep problems and need more pressure to reduce movement and increase calm during the night. Different people need different stimuli to get effect.

No jumping in my legs when I use the ring cover and I fall asleep much faster! I'm not as tired in the morning as I can with the school in the days.
Felix, 11 years old
I have ADHD and have always had difficulty getting down to the laps and falling asleep in the evenings. Now that I use the ring cover I look forward to going to bed! I fall asleep quickly and sleep all night!
Alex, 32 years old