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Our products are based on a patent-pending solution with surgical steel rings placed in customized pockets that provide a “hinge effect” and 360-degree enclosures. The external stimulus, a pleasant enclosing pressure that can be likened to a hug, helps the body to relax and come to rest.


Sleepify Ring Quilt® Using the ring cover continuously contributes to a relaxing and safety-generating effect that reduces anxiety, anxiety and sleep problems.


DPTS (deep pressure Touch Stimulation) is a method with a scientifically proven effect that stimulates using a deep pressure, which helps to increase the body’s levels of the “feel-good-hormones” serotonin and oxytocin. This, in turn, leads to stress hormone cortisol being lowered and that melatonin, our ‘ sleep-hormone ‘ is better able to work. This means that the conditions for a better sleep can increase!


The rings provide an even and comfortable pressure on the body and stimulate both the tactile mind and the proprioception, our muscle and sadness. The massage-like stimulus helps to inhibit and organize the impulses to the central nervous system. The weight and pressure from the rings contributes to an increased body image by clarifying the body’s own boundaries.