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A dry, cool and comfortable duvet

With the help of 450 rings in customised pockets of 80×80 mm distributed over the entire cover surface, an optimal distribution of the quilt’s tactile stimulating points is achieved.

The rings are made of the highest quality stainless steel and have been designed with a hole in the middle to efficiently transport air and moisture out of the blanket. The result is a dry, cool and comfortable duvet with high breathability.


Crucial to the stimulating efficiency of the duvet is that the gap between each weight is neither too large nor too small. If the gap between weights is too large, there will be no important stimulus and large parts of the user’s body risk non-stimulus-the blanket loses its enclosing ability. If the gap is instead too small, the weight is distributed over a tight and large surface of the body-the blanket becomes rigid and the important point of the stimulus does not appear.

The top and bottom 30 centimetres of the ring cover always have a lower weight than the remaining part of the duvet, regardless of the total weight of the blanket. This is to prevent discomfort and aches occurring at the tibia and feet as well as in the neck and neck. The cover zipper that divides the duvet into two parts is also placed along the width of the duvet. This makes it unnecessary for the user’s neck and face to be disturbed by a sharp zipper or hard edges as part of the duvet in two parts.

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High quality surgical Steel

The Ring Quilt® has weights in the form of 30 mm hollow rings made of high quality surgical steel. The hollow design is important and crucial for the ability of the duvet to transport away air, moisture and heat out of the blanket.


The different parts of the body can withstand different amounts of weight. Therefore, the top and bottom sections of the ring cover always have a lower weight than the remaining part of the blanket. This is to prevent discomfort and aches arising from tibia, feet and neck and neck.

Zipper that divides the blanket

The zipper that divides the duvet into two parts is placed on the long side of the cover. This makes it unnecessary for the user’s neck and face to be disturbed by a sharp zipper or hard edges that share the blanket.


Insulating and vivid filling

Our duvets use Fibret Hollow Conjugated fibre. The Ring Cover® has a soft lined side and a side where increased tactile stimulation is experienced without lining.

High enclosing effect

The size of each pocket is 80x80mm, where the sealing seam simultaneously offers a flexible “hinge effect”. This patent pending innovation makes the Ring Quilt® follow the user’s contours in 360 degrees.

Also extra sustainable

Round edges in the same soft material as the rest of the duvet to avoid discomfort with sharp, hard and thick edges.




The sewing that separates the 450 pockets acts as ‘ hinge ‘ and effectively isolates the rings from each other. The rings in the Sleepifys ring cover emit no disturbing metallic noise or harmful color deposits from lacquered weight objects because the rings do not need to be painted. The ‘hinges’ also help to ensure that the Sleepifys duvet has a very high enclosing effect at 360 degrees and that the weights provide tactile stimulation even on sides of the body.

This feature, combined with hollow rings, is completely unique and patent pending by Sleepify Medtech Innovations AB.



Health, hygiene and sustainability

Research and evidence is something that characterizes the entire Sleepify’s product development and existence. The result is unique and advanced medical devices that contribute to a deeper and better sleep.

To live up to the high environmental goals in Swedish municipalities and county councils, we at Sleepify have developed a blanket that takes into account both people and the environment. The ambition to reduce the use of plastics has obvious reasons: when plastics are used and worn, micro-plastics and Nanoplastics are released in the environment, which then ends up in our bodies, lakes, air and in our absolute surroundings.


Our weight-rings in surgical steel have been isolated by sewing in each protective pocket. This makes the rings protected from each other and thus they emit no metallic sound when used. Our innovation also helps to avoid painting our weight elements.

If we consider that an adult transpires approximately 2-7 deciliter of fluid per night, it is crucial that moisture can be effectively transported through the covering surface and filling. Therefore, there is a big difference in respiratory ability, temperature and moisture accumulations depending on what you use for the type of material selection of the weights inside the blanket. For example plastic as a weight material needed about 7 times more mass than when using surgical steel to achieve the same weight.
The more material you fill in the duvet, the more moist and warmth in the sleeping environment is obtained where moisture and air in lower ability is transported through.


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Moist environment is beneficial for bacteria as well as mites-a microscopic spider animal that feeds on skin deposits and lives exclusively in humid environments. Of course this is particularly problematic for users who are allergic or asthmatic.

Our responsibility and ambition is a greatly reduced environmental impact, a good bed hygiene and clear consideration for the user’s short-and long-term health. The patent-pending ring cover from Sleepify is a durable, efficient and a completely new generation of tactile weight-covered duvets.