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Sleep is one of the most basic needs of mankind. If the sleep does not work, many other areas of life become affected. A stable night’s sleep is thus an effective way of achieving a good quality of life.

In recent years, sleep deprivation has been highlighted as one of the biggest modern public health problems. For many people, the solution is a weight cover. The weight cover can help to shorten the time of sleep and provide a
both deeper and more secure sleep. The result is more energy and a greater ability to cope with all the challenges of everyday life. But not only that – it also serves as an alternative to drugs, which can both be expensive and lead to extensive side effects.

DPTS (deep pressure Touch Stimulation) is a method with a scientifically proven effect that stimulates using a deep pressure, which helps to increase the body’s levels of ‘ feel-good-hormones ‘ serotonin and oxytocin. This in turn leads to stress hormone cortisol lowered as well as to melatonin, our sleep-hormone gets better conditions to operate. This gives you the best conditions for a better sleep.